Digifli Ads

Digifli ads display on screens for 10 seconds. Each location shows about 3000 impressions daily.

Impression Calculator

Move the sliders to calculate how many impressions you need. To be effective we recommend showing your ad 200 times per day (once every 3 minutes).

*Impression packages start at $49/month. Discounts for monthly subscriptions. Prices are subject to change, login and review plans for current accurate pricing.

Digifli Location Statistics

There are currently about 53 active Digifli screens. Each screen displays 300 impressions per hour for an average of 10 hours per day. The current network delivers around 4,452,000 impressions total per month. We donate 10% (445,200) to local non-profits and charity events. We give over 2,279,000 to our Kiosk Partners, (local independent businesses). This leaves around 2,671,200 impressions for ads.

Times Per Day

The Times Per Day is how often your ad appears on each Digifli Screen in one day. At 300 your ad will show 30 times an hour (every 2 minutes). 200 will show your ad about every 3 minutes, this is the recommended target. 100 shows once every 6 minutes. 60 shows once every 10 minutes (6 times an hour).