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Digifli Location Statistics

There are currently about 145 active Digifli screens in local businesses. Each screen displays 300 impressions per hour for an average of 10 hours per day. The current network delivers around 12,180,000 impressions total per month. We donate about (348,000) to local non-profits and charity events. We give over 6,235,000 to our Kiosk Partners, (local independent businesses).


Impressions are counted everytime the ad shows for 10 seconds. Unlike a website banner ad impression, a Digifli impression is not a measurement of actualy views by a person . Each location has different amounts of traffic. Ads are distributed so they run every few minutes. If 30 people see your ad in one day, it equates to about 1 cent per person (average cost is 30 cents pre day for one location).

These numbers are for conceptualizing how Digifli works and there are too many variables to be 100% accuarrate. The important thing to understand is that people notice Digifli and pay attention and they will see your promotion.