Over 160 Locations in the East Bay. Map of Digifli Locations

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Digifli Community Bulletin Boards. Login to post a local are promotion. Digifli works with community organizations to empower locally owned and operated businesses and support local nonprofit organizations.

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Digifli Community Bulletin Boards

A new twist on a proven method of advertising for local businesses and events.

Digifli is a network of electronic community bulletin boards that show local fundraisers for non-profits, art by local artists, and ads for independent local businesses. Just like traditional bulletin boards in coffee shops and book stores, Digifli shows local neighborhood info. Instead of printed paper the flyers are uploaded through our website then displayed on upcycled e-waste screens.

Digifli delivers the prices targeting and low cost of social media advertising in the real world.

Digifli screens are installed in over 160 popular east bay locations in Alameda and Oakland .

The perfect addition to any ad campaign.

The key to successful promotion is to have your message seen multiple times by your potential customers. Digifli bridges the gap in your Instagram and Facebook Ads, printed posters and flyers, and other traditional advertising sources. East Bay shoppers and diners will see your promotion out at local businesses and not just on their phone!

Digifli acreens are in popular public places like coffee shops, restaurants, bars, museums and boutiques. We do not work with corporate chains, only independent local businesses. We partner with neighborhoods like Rockridge, Montclair Village, The Laurel, West Alameda, and Downtown Alameda to place bulletin boards in popular East Bay shopping districts.

  • Neighborhood Focused A medium that reaches where no one else can with hyper-local targeting.
  • Eco Friendly The benefits of paper flyers with reduced economic and environmental cost. Digifli is built on 90% upcycled e-waste.
  • Community Support We donate an additional 10% of all purchased impressions to local non-profit organizations.
Digifli enhances your existing promotions.

You can post the same ads you use on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram on Digifli . We parter with 150+ local businesses in the East Bay and thousands of people see our screens every day. In windows and waiting rooms, bars and restaurants, shop windows and supermarkets. And we only partner with locally owned and operated businesses, just say no to national corporate chains! #shoplocal

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Laney College

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